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11 November 2020

Load constant data into cl_mem objects with clEnqueueWriteBuffer prior to kernel execution. Replace function scope__constant variables with file scope constant variables. You can also replace function scope __constant variables with __constantbuffers that the host passes to the kernel. As a result, an operation that appears to work correctly in an x86-64 program can overflow and lose precision when you compile that same operation in an FPGA kernel.

To facilitate piecewise implementation, hardcode the access points into the array. You can also facilitate register inference by unrolling loops that access the array.

For example, if the largest data type is a standard integer type short, the resulting data type is an int16_t. To leverage the single cycle floating-point accumulator feature, you can modify the accumulator description in your kernel code to improve efficiency or work around programming restrictions.

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The shifting must occur in very loop iteration that contains the shifting code to avoid creating inefficient hardware. If some accesses to a large array are not inferable statically, they force the offline compiler to https://romsdownload.net/roms/amiga-500/hostages-333273 create inefficient hardware. If these accesses are necessary, use __local memory instead of __private memory. The offline compiler infers private arrays as registers either as single values or in a piecewise fashion. Piecewise implementation results in very efficient hardware; however, the offline compiler must be able to determine data accesses statically.

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The additional precision provided by bit-width rounding on x86-64 platforms masks possible overflow and precision-loss problems you might encounter when your compile your FPGA kernel. The mapped_size argument specifies the maximum number of bytes that the host can access, as determined by the runtime in the memory. The value specified by mapped_size argument is less than or equal to the value of the requested_size argument that the caller specifies.

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Return Value Description CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT Pipe is not created with clCreatePipe function or if the CL_MEM_HOST_WRITE_ONLY flag is not used when creating the pipe. CL_INVALID_KERNEL Pipe is not bound to a kernel argument using the clSetKernelArg function. CL_PIPE_FULL Pipe is already full of data and cannot accept further packets without one being read by a kernel. The packet capacity of the pipe is specified as an argument to the clCreatePipe function. Return Value Description CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT Pipe was not created with the clCreatePipe function or if the CL_MEM_HOST_READ_ONLY flag is not used when creating the pipe.