Accelerate your Walmart Sales. Join top merchants by enrolling into Walmart’s latest quick delivery system.

03 September 2020
Accelerate your Walmart Sales. Join top merchants by enrolling into Walmart's latest quick delivery system.

Join top merchants by enrolling into Walmart's newest quick delivery system.

Boardgame product with

Art materials item with

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Walmart Badge

Enhanced search ranking

Whenever you add 2-day tags to your listings on Walmart chat friends, your products ranking greater searching — reaching more buyers.

Filter addition

Whenever buyers filter for things with free 2-day delivery, your 2-day tagged things will always be into the outcomes.

Purchase package prominence

Enhance your capability to win the purchase package. In a few instances, participating products may also win the purchase field against lower-priced competitors.

Show the label to all or any Walmart purchasers.


The Deliverr Advantage

Deliverr intelligently distributes your inventory across numerous places. Your products will show 2-Day delivery to 95%+ of the purchasers.


In contrast, if you decide to choose in to the system with only your very own warehouse, less than 30% of buyers would begin to see the badge.

Special Fulfillment Rates for the Walmart Purchases

Focused on spending greater costs for the 2-day instructions? Dont’t be! Sellers using

Deliverr enjoy unique, reduced prices for his or her Walmart 2-Day instructions.

Phone Case

  • Item size: 3 x 2 x 4 in
  • Item fat: 1.5oz

All-Inclusive Fulfillment Price:

Protein Powder

  • Item size: 6 x 5 x 4 in
  • Item fat: 1.25lb

All-Inclusive Fulfillment Cost:

Espresso Device

  • Item size: 12 x 11 x 8 in
  • Item fat: 12lb

All-Inclusive Fulfillment Price:

Computer Track

  • Item size: 23 x 16 x 7 in
  • Item fat: 17lb

All-Inclusive Fulfillment Price:

All expenses include shipping, pick/pack, purchase management, and packaging to virtually any location into the contiguous U.S.

Learn how much your items are likely to price.

Go to our expense calculator to see prices for the products.

You may get put up in 10 times

Get Going

Link your listing device or shopping cart application in simply a couple of presses, and explore price previews for every product in your catalog.

Forward Stock

Enter your SKUs and follow our simple step by step guidelines to send your what to Deliverr. Enjoy our reduced delivery rates!

Activate Tags

Input your Walmart qualifications in Deliverr, and we’ll do the remainder. You’ll soon see your listings triggered aided by the tag that is 2-Day!

Begin Offering

After we get your stock, we shall sync with Walmart to ensure that 2-Day orders immediately start flowing in.

Perhaps Not yet on Walmart?

Enjoy fast and simple onboarding whenever you utilize Deliverr.

Walmart products that are sponsored


Participating vendors when you look at the program that is 2-Day Deliverr get pre-approved use of Walmart Efficiency Advertising.

CPC-based ads that are native

Enjoy operating highly efficient, CPC-based indigenous adverts on your 2-Day enabled listings throughout


Just exactly exactly What integrations do you really help?

We currently help integrations with ChannelAdvisor, Sellbrite, Zentail, SellerActive, GeekSeller, Shopify, Skubana, detailing Mirror, eComdash and SellerCloud. We additionally help an integration that is direct Walmart for vendors staying away from some of these tools. If you’re making use of Shopify, you're going to have to buy GeekSeller’s Shopify plugin product in order to connect your Shopify account to Walmart.

How to see rates for our items?

It’s simple! Go into your Seller Portal in Deliverr, and see your stock web web page. Choose the “Walmart 2-day” expense preview — and voila. You'll be able to see prices within our price calculator by registering.

Just how do I be entitled to the badge?

You will automatically become eligible for the program when you use Deliverr for your Walmart fulfillment. It is possible to decide in to the scheduled system through the Deliverr vendor portal. Once your inventory comes in multiple Deliverr areas, the badge shall be employed to your listings.

Can I make use of Deliverr to satisfy select things from my Walmart catalog?

Yes, Deliverr can satisfy as numerous or as few SKUs you want on You certainly do not need to place your complete catalog on our bodies, and you will divide satisfaction between Deliverr along with your fulfillment that is own center.

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